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Last modified: 2023, November 17th

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Why do you need a manufacturer ID

Take a look on your token database where your GEOS stores all used icons. You can use TuneIt Pro for this. Click on an icon and see the four characters token name and the ID number. The ID number is a personalized number and allways fixed assigned to one person or organization. The four letters can be defined by the person or organization it self. You need this ID number when:

  • You develop GEOS applications with a C compiler and the SDK or with R-BASIC. And your applications has own application icons
  • Your GEOS applications handle the clipboard
  • Your GEOS applications exchanges messages with other applications
  • You create icons, which will be used for the token database
What happens with your data


Your name, email adress and ID number can be seen by me and Breadbox as administrator. Your password will be encrypted, it is safe.

Your email will just be used for the registration process. We do not use your data for any commercial and do not sell them to any third party people or organization.